As Nerhan Textile;

We have 18 years experience and an excellent reputation in twisting polyester (FDY-DTY) and silk floss yarns in accordance with our client’s requirements.

Our Aim;

Our years of experience allow us to provide the best quality yarn process for a reasonable cost.

Quality, quality and again quality is our motto and we value long standing and reliable business relationships with our valued customers.

Nerhan Textile;

We currently operate on site RPR and RATTI branded yarn twisting machines capable of holding 3000 spindles and LEZZENI branded tranfering machines. Our machines are capable of twisting polyester (FDY-DTY) yarns from 50 to 300 denier and silk floss yarns from a range of 50 to 2500 twists (TM) to a capacity of producing 120 to 150 tonnes monthly.

Our Company Operations in Line with our Customers Orders;

Polyester (FDY-DTY) or silk floss yarns are primarily transferred onto bobbins with LEZZENI transfer machines in readiness for twisting. They are then twisted with ultimate care noting the sensitivity of polyester and silk floss yarns in accordance with our client’s individual orders.

After the twisting process, yarns are wound upon bobbins weighing 2.5 to 3kgs. Each bobbin carefully goes through the fixation process which finally ends up in our quality control and packaging department.

Other Services in addition to Flat Yarn Twisting;

We also do direct soft coil winding into holed bobbins if required by the customer together with flat yarn twisting.

Purpose of this Process

The edges of the soft winding coils are the same dimensions as the sides and the middle of the coils. This process avoids the paint abrasion problem after the dying process is completed.

Pre-loaded coil coating reduces the costs by eliminating the transfer process prior to dying the yarns with bobbins.